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Crane Scales

Ordering a Dillon Electronic crane scale is as easy as
  1. Decide between the Edjunior or EDXtreme (see table below for differences)
  2. Select capacity
  3. Select upper hardware type
    • Standard anchor shackle
    • Oversize shackle to fit onto larger hooks
  4. Select the type of lower hook that is available
    • Non-swiveling
    • Basic swivels freely until load is applied)
    • Swivel-under-load (uses a bearing)
  5. Add any desired options
    • Radio-board (EDXtreme only)
    • Display backlight (EDXtreme only)
    • Shipping storage crate (Optional on EDjunior)

Key Differences Between the RED EDXtreme and RED Edjunior:

Edjunior EDXtreme
Design Low Cost Best features
Accuracy 0.2% F.S. 0.1% F.S.
Resolution 1,000 divisions 1,000 divisions standard (default)
5,000 divisions enhanced
Capacities Up to 25,000 lb / 10,000 kg Up to 55,000 lb / 25,000 kg
Works with Optional Communicator Remote No Wired or Radio
Data Transfer None RS-232 and RS-485
Shipping/Storage crate Optional Included

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EDJunior Crane Scale

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Communicator with Radio and Backlight

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