3600 Series High resolution QDT Bench Bases, die cast aluminum base with a stainless steel shroud supplied with 10' of cable for connecting to either a PC-820 counting or E1310 indicator. (Photo shows optional digital display, see digital display page for models available) Legal-for-Trade CC 95-071 Class III 10,000 divisions, Class II 11,000 divisions.
Unit of Measure


Model Number

N/A 3633T-100


N/A 100 lb50 kg

Platform Length

N/A 14 in

Platform Width

N/A 12 in

Shipping Weight

N/A 18 lb9 kg


N/A [49387-0026] - 10' - PC-820 interface cable. E1310 has 9-pin connector on base end and stripped and tinned leads on indicator end. PC-820 cable has 9-pin connector on base end and a 9-pin connector on PC-820 scale, Other lengths available, please inquire. [7200-15145] - Ball-top shroud (field retofit kit) for 3633 models (N/A on 10 lb capacity) [49385-0028] - 10' - WI-130/E1310 interface cable