• DSFS Series Deck Scale Platforms

    Legal-for-Trade, CoC 88-230, Class III 5000 Divisions

    Includes: Stainless (304) deck and Stainless Steel weight sensor with 10' cable.
    All models have stainless steel weight sensors.

    To Order: Specify dimensions, capacity and optional indicator.

  • DS Deck Scale Series

    Includes: High grade acrylic polyurethane or high grade powder paint finish deck with polycarbonate junction box, 25' interface cable and weight sensors have been designed to allow a wider range of legal-for-trade floor scale capacities.Some non-standard sizes available.

    To Order: Specify dimensions and interface cable connection and specify optional indicator or counting scale that deck scale is to be mated with. Legal-for-Trade, CoC 88-221, Class III 5000 Divisions.