The model 3700LP Bench Scale Series are constructed of an aluminum or mild steel body with a stainless steel shroud. Each model includes a six digit, seven segment LCD display with backlight and all are equipped with RS232. The front panel overlay includes UNITS, PRINT & ZERO keys and supports switching of up to 2 units of measure selected from lb, kg, oz and g. Built-in serial protocols include formats for NCI standard, model 3835, 8213 emulation and also. Legal-for-Trade COC 02-069 Class III 5,000 divisions.
Unit of Measure


Model Number

N/A 3734LP


N/A 250 lb125 kg

Platform Length

N/A 18 in

Platform Width

N/A 18 in

Platform Height

N/A 3.1 in

Shipping Weight

N/A 48 lb22 kg


N/A [1148-15833] - 230V option for 3730LP model (universal) [1148-16416] - 230V option for 3732LP and 3734LP models (universal) [52000-0019] - Cable 10' 37xxLP to Zebra 2844
[1140-13842] - Scale-to-PC Cable (6')
[56018-0010] - Battery kit 12V2.2AH (Models 3732LP/3734LP 14 Inch (in) x 14 Inch (in) / 18 Inch (in) x 18 Inch (in) only) [56019-0019] - Ball top shroud for 3732LP models (14"x14") [56020-0016] - Ball top shroud for 3734LP models (18"x18") [7140-17108] - 4' pushbutton switch assembly (remote Zero to Print) [7200-14837] - 12" Pole Display Kit