Unit of Measure



N/A 120 g


N/A 0.01 %0.001 g

Repeatability (Standard Deviation) for 3 Grams (g) Sample

N/A 0.05 %

Repeatability (Standard Deviation) for 10 Grams (g) Sample

N/A 0.015 %
Moisture Range1 N/A 0.01 to 100 %

Drying Profiles/Heating Programs

N/A Standard Fast Ramp Step

Shutoff Criteria

N/A Auto (A30, A60, A90) AutoFree %/s AutoFree mg/s Manual Timed

Displayed Results

N/A Moisture (MC) Solids (DC) Regain (RG) Time Temperature Weight (g) Method Name Drying Curve Statistics

Temperature Measurement in 1 Degree Increments

N/A 40 to 230 ºC

Method Storage

N/A 100

Heating Element

N/A Halogen


N/A RS232 USB Device USB Host


N/A 13

Display Size

N/A 4.3 in109 mm

Display Type

N/A Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Touch Screen

AC Power

N/A 120 V240 V


N/A 50 Hz60 Hz

Operating Temperature Range

N/A 50 to 104 ºF10 to 40 ºC


N/A 8.3 in211 mm


N/A 7.7 in180 mm


N/A 14 in355 mm

Net Weight

N/A 11.5 lb5.23 kg

Shipping Weight

N/A 18.4 lb8.35 kg

Testing Made Simple

N/A The MB Series features a wide, bright touchscreen display and intuitive menu navigation for fast, accurate moisture analysis Touchscreen Display - Easy-to-read and understand Icon-Driven Menu Navigation - Easy-to-follow no training required 4 Mechanical Keys for Fast One-Step Operation - Tare, Start/Stop, Print, On/Off USB and RS232 Ports - Quick connection to a PC or a flash drive Moisture Analysis Made Simple - 1. Tare empty sample pan 2. Add sample according to procedure 3. Press start and see your results

Advanced Functionality

N/A 100 Methods Library Makes Testing Faster Store Up to 1000 Results for all Methods for Statistical Analysis Temperature Guide Three-Level User Management Controls

Exceptional Precision

N/A Fast Halogen Heating Technology Uniform Drying for Precise Repeatable Results Flexible and Powerful Four Drying Profiles to Ensure Accuracy Fast: Quickest possible time to temperature Standard: Minimal overshoot while achieving temperature quickly Ramp: Controlled ramping to temperature Step: Set three temperatures at three time intervals

Shut-Off Criteria for Automatic Test Completion

N/A Customize your own test endpoint criteria to automatically end the test once moisture loss is no longer detected Choose from 7 criteria - Manual, Timed, AutoFree percent weight loss per second, AutoFree mg loss per second, A30, A60 and A90

Easy Tool-Free Cleaning

N/A Features a patented pan handler and removable parts for convenient maintenance Stainless Steel Drying Pan - Wipe down quickly Removable Heating Chamber Components - No tools required - simply remove glass and tray to clean
  • 1 0.01% to 1000% for regain mode